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MADS’ Spring Production “Murder at Short Mere House” is coming on a treat and has got the cast guessing whodunit, how and why; as the writer hasn't told them yet! Was it death by natural causes, were they pushed or did they fall? But then again perhaps it was suicide or maybe gruesome MURDER. Why are they fed up with Mutton and what have Bacon and Egg got to do with it? Finally WHO will inherit the title under the new "Equality Act"? You will have to use your wits and pay close attention to see if you can unravel the mystery before the inspector does. Come along and have your chance to solve the case.

We hope you will come.

Tickets, to include a light supper, are on sale now from the Library and at Sprout and Flower in Mere, priced at £10 each.
Alternatively, to reserve tickets for collection on the door, please email us with your name, phone number, and how many tickets you would like for each performance, and we will contact you to confirm.

Murder at Short Mere


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The next committee meeting will be on Monday 11th March in the Green Room, Mere Lecture Hall. Please contact us here to get involved.